Having not experienced true 'LOVE' - A blessing or curse ?

Love is a sweet poison. If not anything else, people who have experienced true love would essentially agree on this fact. Thus, the question arises: is falling in it really sweet or poisonous.
One of my friends whom I adore very much as a person is recently bothered most of her time about not having a person in her life all by herself, as in a lover. Having not experienced true love, she feels sad. I was both happy and not-so-happy for her. Why?
Let me put it this way: There are two kinds of life running parallel to each other in our world: First:When a person’s life sees absence of love, it passes day after day much like anyone else’s, ordinarily with its own set of monotonies and routines. It blends into the lives of billions of people on this planet and doesn’t lie the closest to the purpose it is created to fulfill.It is the life of people we see everywhere around us, invested in gathering money,education,family etc,much like anyone else.

Second: A life remarkably unique as compared to the first one. Its only when one has lived that life can one differentiate between the two. Its a life wherein a person becomes conscious of each and every passing moment, where he seeks unknown heavenly happiness, where a smile on his face is equivalent to thousands of smiles he has spent in his life without love. A life with love sees a person the closest to his dreams and things close to his heart. As love brings one’s soul close to oneself in the process of uniting it with someone else’s, a person is rinsed of all ill feelings; he sees love in everything that life and its people have to offer to him. The years passed in love become his soul treasure of best memories. In love, he finds his life the same as it is expected to be, growing to its exact potential. Nirvana seeks purification through detachment, love attains purification through attachment. We were sent to Earth with other people to purify ourselves and live with the people, so..which tool would help us in meeting what is expected of our life?
When love has so much to offer to someone, why is it said to be a sweet poison?
Imagine a person mesmerized by the beauty of moments in his life with love having to come down to a life much like anyone else, bereft of all the dissimilarities and uniqueness. Put in other words, forced to live a life without love for certain reasons, when one has already experienced what it is like with love, life falls apart in bits and pieces! He tries to move on, to help life regain its former glory, but the harsh reality remains that his life gets stuck back in time, finding it too difficult to trail off the beautiful path once traversed. The knowing of the fact that his life can be so much more, he as a person can be so much more and also the truth that without love his life has been rendered an average appearance though possessing majestic potential calls for dissatisfaction and helplessness.

People who love fear separation, because it’s the basic rule of true love. People realise the other’s importance in lives when they know they would have to part with them one day. Only the fear of inevitable separation brings two souls exceptionally close and makes them united. Mesmerized by their beauty, we try to hold on to each passing moments, but they slip by like bubbles in water, the more you try to preserve them, the more they get out of your hands. Its a life lived under constant fear, fear of separation.Also, love which sees familial/societal rejection demands sacrifice. Pure love besieges pure sacrifice for a fact, which in turn brings in pain.
Life lived in the presence of love is undoubtedly the greatest of all and the most beautiful but the plight of the same life if it is forced to ride on without love is comparable to the condition of a bouquet detached from roses, covered with thorns.
But then only a few fortunate ones get to taste the real flavour of love, true to the core. It’s savoured memories, the most glorious of memories, can act as a person’s soul reason of living for the rest of his life.
What do you think now? Is falling in love sweet or is it not?

Divya Sanghvi

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