A Talk!!! With a Leading Author - Ishita Rajan

An author, an artist, a teacher and a great human being- Ishita Rajan is a well known personality in the field of literature, from the land of Gods- Himachal Pradesh. She is a prolific writer and has been associated with innumerable publications. She has authored three books - "Apne Saaye Se", "Reeva" and the latest being "Sabse Achchha Bachcha" which deal with society at large. Stories, poems written by her have featured in leading publications. Presently, she is a leading faculty at Our Lady Of The Snows, Kullu. In this small talk with STIMULUS INDIA ! she expresses her views on society, children, women and Indian culture.
The prime aim of this talk is to share the notions of a leading author - Ishita Rajan pertaining to the different domains of work-space.

 Ma'am, what according to you are the major characteristics that describe the Nature of Indian Society?
On one hand we as Indians feel proud of our rich cultural heritage, and on the other we are aware of poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and orthodox beliefs still prevailing in our society. One thing that I feel sorry for is that many of us are too satisfied with what we are and don't feel any need to grow as human.... In name of culture, in place of making a study about our glorious past, we blow our own trumpet and continue some such practices which hamper individuality.... It's my personal belief that our people are more a society than individuals and so most of us are not able to give our best for the growth of our society.

Ma'am, you write about women extensively. According to you, what is the real definition of - 'A woman’?
For me a real woman is a 'Shakti Swaroopini'. She is brave, bold, and has a large heart; she is soft, tender, loving and strong and stern at the same time. This is a woman. If she is seen in a different facet, that is only a distorted facet. Something that society has made of her.

How do you perceive the changing trends in culture and society?
Change is a law of nature. We must learn to welcome this with open arms. Recently one my story, "Aik picnic papa ke liye" is published simultaneously in two magazines, Abhinav Mimansa and Him Prasth. In this I have tried to raise this issue. People of my generation need to study not only the changes but also about the other culture that affects them before we become judgmental and criticize them.

Ma'am, your third book ' Sabse Achcha Bachcha' is about the upbringing of a child. What inspired you to write on children?
I as a teacher got opportunity to be close to children. In Moral Science classes and also in literature classes I got much time to interact with teenagers. I felt their pain. Pain of being misunderstood; pain of not being heard! And I felt these are parents and not the kids who need to be talked to. I was taking notes for some seven years. Then my son and some friends asked me to give this a book form.

How do inter-link religion, ethics and society?
how I wish people understood one religion, that of love and respect for every individual, whatever class, creed, culture, cult, region, religion, sex or age group they come from. Any religion or ethics that would spread love and respect for all, would bring peace in society.

The modern education system has a multitude set of pros and cons. What do you think about it?
Our educational system still has to go a long way to become child oriented. We have progressed for sure, but we are still not out of the marks and grade race. We need a system where a child has some time for big dreams.

Ma'am, what according to you should be the real definition of humanity?
LOVE AND RESPECT in-spite of differences in beliefs or opinions.

Talk by Ishita Rajan with STIMULUS INDIA !
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