Enough Is Enough !!! - Nikhil Chandwani's open take on the recent rape cases

In the past couple of months everyone can conclude that, India is country where its own capital is not safe for his citizen. A five-year-old girl was kidnapped from outside her home and raped mercilessly by her neighbour. A water bottle and few candles were poked into the private parts of the five-year-old rape victim. In yet another painfully shocking reality of police brutality the mother of a seven-year-old alleged murder and rape victim was beaten, thrashed and dragged by a cop in Maharashtra. The police also baton charged outraged mob, who came out on roads and pelted stones at police and blocked traffic for dozen hours after the body was found from a garbage tub.

The true deterrent to rape crimes (as in most other crimes) is not the quantum of possible punishments, but the surety of punishment. The conviction can be both legal and social. In India, due to prevailing depressing conditions, the possibility of either kind of punishment is often fairly low, guiding some people to feel they can get away with this. This hypothesis is partially supported by the fact that rape is the fastest growth rate among crime types in India, while having the lowest conviction rates.

In fact in real terms, most of the times the husband’s forceful intercourse or intercourse when partner is not ready has never been accounted in the reported cases, which also qualifies in the legal term as rape; also the growing stress level, lack of sexual knowledge, social taboo on speaking on the subject in the family. Growing objectification of Women via media and advertisements has added more to it. Sexuality fashion and accessories which may be fashionable, there is no denying but they are meant to be that way; as much as the guys would enjoy watching the AXE advertisements and cheerleaders in IPL advertisements. Adolescents are left on their own to discover sexual know-how and sexual feeling often find information in porn.

There are some cases where the intercourse happens with the consent of the victim on the lure of some benefit or situation such as — getting married to the guy or consensual sex. Having a mutual accepted condition to have intercourse is also accounted as rape.  Also there is an interesting fact, in fact the paid sex or prostitution is also counted as rape and there are some angles to it. You will find that the health ministry has opposed the decriminalization of the clients– not directly implying but attesting the need for sexual intercourse to exist.

May be we need to look around and ask more questions to ourselves. It has to go deeper than merely discipline people. Some of these perpetrators/future perpetrators may seem normal and we might mix with them daily. But what is it that causes their fall?

Nikhil Chandwani
National Best-Seller Author
Columnist at STIMULUS INDIA !

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