Chronicles of My Dream Palace: How a Man Should Be !!! - Shubhendu Satsangi pens his views

I am what you would refer to as an average guy, in all respects. Average looks, average build, average brains, average friends. Nothing really jumps out at you, about me. I am currently pursuing an engineering course (which almost everybody is doing nowadays), from a reputed institution. But far apart from this, from average existence, exists my dream existence. Yes, I am a dreamer. Not a dreamer in a romantic, poetic sort of a way, but in a very serious context. Whenever I go to bed, I have this habit of just shutting myself off from my average world and zoning off into my dream existence. I imagine myself to be this all powerful, omniscient ruler, who can influence peoples’ thoughts by moulding their brain energies. Normally, I have quite a lot of fun with this little hobby of mine, but recently, this pastime took a very serious turn. It was 17th December, 2012. I was at my home, enjoying the well deserved vacations, flipping through TV channels, and sipping my morning coffee, when a news flash caught my senses. It was a coverage about a brutal rape of a young girl in a moving bus in the capital. That single news item induced a myriad of emotions through me. Anger, fear, denial, disbelief, and finally the most painful, sadness. What had humanity come to? How can we even allow ourselves to call us civilised beings? That night, when I went to my dream palace, I conjured up a world where I dreamt of the perfect men.

 Men, who wouldn’t rape innocent girls. Men, who wouldn’t be tied down by social stigmas and their own mountain high egos in matters concerning the women in their lives. It is a popular saying that a service in the army makes a man out of you. I believe that’s very true. The army life plugs in discipline, respect, pride, and a sense of protection into every man’s core. That is what a man should truly be like. Not some psychopathic criminal, who assaults defenceless women to showcase their strength, their manhood. ‘The place of a woman is in the kitchen,’ goes another old dictum. For ages men have felt threatened, emasculated, when women have stepped up to take charge. In my dream world men would be more accepting of the evolving role of women in today’s world. They say that God created Eve from Adam’s rib. Not from his shoulder, to be above him, or from his leg to be under him, rather to be right beside him, and near his arms to be protected by him. But in this real, average world, women have been reduced to objects of lust and craving. In my dream world, respect for women would be the primary code for all men. Upon seeing a woman alone in a bus at night the six men in my world wouldn’t brutalize her, rather they would make sure that she gets to her destination without any troubles. They would be the classic 18th century English gentlemen, but with the spirit of a fighter to protect their loved ones and defend their homeland. Yes, patriotism. That, I believe, is non-existent in today’s men. Love for your nation is the purest form of emotion possible, I strongly believe. From my dream palace, I would create such men. Men who would make this world a habitable, civilised place, and not vandalise its decency by dehumanized acts. Such should be the perfect men. Such would be a man I would want to be. Such would be a man my country, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my girlfriend, and many more people I have never even met would want me to be. 

Shubhendu Satsangi
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