Corruption- The New Politics !!!

Nowadays, almost everyone around us is talking about corruption or the ill effects due to it in the present indian society. Yet, I observed that while many people talk about it, a large number of people are divided in two categories according to their opinion on this issue .First category people consider it as an issue to be so deeply rooted in its cause that it is almost impossible to eradicate it from the roots and for them making a change seems like an utopian concept. The second category comprises individuals who think that a change can be brought only by some kind of revolution but their views are mostly confined to Anti-corruption Movement led by Anna Hazare.

                          Have we ever wondered why corruption is rising? What is the big picture? What is the root cause behind this major problem which is inhibiting the growth of the country? What are the factors that are letting our future to go in the dark?
                        Few days back, I decided to find out the root cause of this whole problem of corruption and the reason I observed were not only shocking but also shameful ,because many of these were some of the most  basic  responsibilities that we should follow as a citizen of India.
                       Many people think that this issue of corruption can be solved by making a statutory body like Lokpal and by passing the Lokpall bill but do you know that we have ample number of laws in India made by architects of the Indian constitution and various amendments have happened in it from time to time. Then why we are facing such an ethical crisis in form of various social issues.
                      Will the enforcement of a new law make any difference? I think certainly no. If we carefully analyze the recent 2G Spectrum scam by Telecom minister A Raja, we find that it was because of the “manipulation done due to lack of clear definition and verbal expression in the policies and laws” that was responsible for the whole problem. If we had some able architects of law in our ministry who could point out such errors in the description of policy then we can save a thousand crore rupees,which can be further used to develop our country.

I think one of the biggest disadvantages that our country has is the lack of interest in our citizens to understand the basic laws and policies. I feel ashamed to say that almost 80% of the Indian population don’t even know the rights and duties that are provided to them by the constitution of India as a citizen. On the contrary, a normal American citizen has a basic understanding of most of the laws and policies introduced in his country.

                  Nowadays,  India is known as the brain power of the world and still we are a country whose governance is run by ministers who have not even received Secondary education and then we say India should lead. For India to lead in any realm of workspace, firstly we should lead ourselves individually by being aware of atleast our fundamental responsibilities and duties as the citizens of this country. If we could do that at each and every level, then dealing with problems such as corruption won’t be too difficult. My Brothers and sisters of India!Let us awake from our deep slumber and take charge of our lives as well as our country!

Tarun Kewaliya
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