Accepting Differences

All of us have heard many statements using the word “difference” many a time in our lives like: make a difference; it is different; take it in a different way, but the question is do we always use this word in a negative manner there is an ostensible ‘No’. The context in which I am talking about this word is differences among people’s behavior, cultures, idiosyncrasies, beliefs, organizational rules and anything, everything. What makes me talk about it are the incidents happening almost every day. According to psychologists and psychoanalysts most of the crimes happening and sufferings experienced by people are due to decreasing tolerance shown by them in simple situations.
A spark was ignited in me when I got to attend the TEDx seminar last year having the same theme and the presentations did have a huge impact on my cognitive senses changing them for a better shape. There was a speaker who works for the rehabilitation of trans-genders in the society. At the end of a transgender Laila’s speech the whole audience was awestruck, doing nothing else but giving a standing ovation. Now let us all ask a question to ourselves how much comfortable are we to accept gay and lesbian people? Funny it may sound at first but that was one of the discussion topics at an open talk group at S.R.M. university campus.

These things usually form a part of youth peccadilloes and are never taken seriously, wait a minute don’t you think this is the main reason behind the fact that same-sex marriages are not accepted by the society. This is just one example, we are accustomed to treating  people who are out of the clique as foreigners mainly because we are used to it by now. This is true for rape victims, disabled people, mentally challenged, economically underprivileged people, orphanage and old age home people, people belonging to a different section of our society. We see it daily and are astute to give reasons for our attitude and stand in all those situations when altruists question us. One story is of a friend of mine, he is absent mindedand somewhat keeps to himself and is not seen as a fun person by others.  People’s attitude further makes him isolated and irritated day by day. Most of the people in this world just need you to listen to them without any other possible favors. Even though I may sound didactic at this point this is just a matter of one thought and we would realize how effective it is, as far I think it is the easiest way for all of us to lead an affectionate and fruitful life and it will of course serve as a paradigm for future generations.

Harleen Kaur Mann

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